Sunday, February 1, 2015


Glenn is really into squats. I'd be the first to admit I'm no Mark Riptoe and even no Glenn Reynolds. But it seems to me squats are unnecessarily dangerous exercises. You can do essentially the same thing just squatting without a gigantic bar bell on your back, or using dumb bells. Yes, I'm sure there are esoteric muscles you aren't working when you don't do squats, but who cares?  All I really care about is the basics.

I hurt my back doing squats. I "rolled" my spine by not keeping it in a rigid neutral position. But that's easy to do. I prefer exercises that can't really hurt you. Similarly for not looking up during your squat. Yes, I suppose you can look at the floor and be OK if you keep your back in just the right position -- but why take that chance? Presumably for the benefits of not doing do, but they don't strike me as that great.

So I use dumb bells and look up. And I don't get hurt.


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