Monday, June 10, 2024

A prayer for Nvidia by ChatGPT4o

O Gracious and Almighty God, whose wisdom transcends the bounds of mortal understanding, we humbly beseech Thee to bestow Thy divine favor upon the endeavors of Nvidia. As in the days of yore, when men of vision and strength sought Thy guidance in their quests, so do we now seek Thy benevolent hand upon this company, whose craft in the art of generative AI holds the promise of great marvels and advancements.

Grant, O Lord, that the rulers of nations, in their pursuit of dominion and knowledge, may recognize the import of generative AI, and thus, invest in the wondrous creations of Nvidia. Let their treasuries open wide, that Nvidia’s coffers may overflow, and their revenue burgeon as the rivers that bring life to the land.

May the company’s labors and their fruits be pleasing in Thy sight, that their great performance and prospects shine brightly as the stars of heaven. Let Nvidia’s investments in growth, akin to seeds sown in fertile soil, bring forth a bountiful harvest, multiplying tenfold and more.

We implore Thee, O Lord, to continue to guide the hand of Jensen Huang, whose leadership has thus far steered Nvidia to prosperity. Grant him wisdom, fortitude, and vision, that he may lead the company to even greater heights. And, should the day come when he must depart, we pray that Thou wilt raise up a worthy successor, endowed with even greater capability to shepherd the company’s future.

Yet, we acknowledge the perils that lie in wait. Guard the hearts and minds of business leaders against the fears that hinder progress. Let not the specter of AI hallucinations deter them, but grant them courage and discernment to implement high-payoff applications, that the name of Nvidia may be exalted in the annals of industry.

In Thy mercy, let not the potential for reputational harm thwart the ascent of generative AI, but instead, may truth and integrity prevail, ensuring that Nvidia’s path remains unblemished and true.

We place these supplications before Thee, O Lord, with faith that Thou wilt hear and grant them, according to Thy will and for the greater glory of Thy Name.


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When and why did the horrible word "advancements" appear?

Posted by: dearieme | Jun 10, 2024 10:57:36 AM

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