Friday, April 5, 2024

US House Republican infighting threatens to further delay Ukraine aid package | Reuters

WASHINGTON, April 5 (Reuters) - Infighting among Republicans who control the U.S. House of Representatives, and a threat to oust Speaker Mike Johnson from his leadership role, have put him under pressure to further delay action on a long-sought aid bill for Ukraine, Israel and other key allies.
With Kyiv running short of munitions as it fights off a Russian invasion, its Republican allies in Washington hope to see Johnson unveil an aid package that can move swiftly through the House and the Democratic-led Senate, and onto Democratic President Joe Biden's desk soon after lawmakers reconvene on Tuesday following a two-week break.
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But hardline Republicans are demanding border security provisions and spending cuts to offset aid to U.S. allies. And they want Johnson to hold off until he has legislation that can win support from most of his narrow 218-213 majority.
Republican firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene - a staunch ally of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump who passionately opposes Ukraine aid - has also turned up the rhetorical heat over her threat to force a vote to vacate Johnson's position as speaker in a series of media interviews and social media posts this week.


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