Friday, April 5, 2024

Trans public defender Stephanie Mueller, 70, opens up about changing gender late in life and reveals small-town Washington has been accepting of her new image with her large surgically-enhanced breasts | Daily Mail Online

One of the first openly transgender attorneys in Washington state has proven that her unique appearance has no impact on her success as a lawyer in her small town.

Lawyer Stephanie Mueller, 70, has been open about her background and says it has no impact on her ability as a public defender.

'I get good results because I'm a good lawyer. My gender is beside the point. This is very, very fabulous,' Mueller once said. 

Despite her unique appearance, Mueller insists she has been 'treated with complete respect and great acceptance' since transitioning in 2012 - at the age of 58.

'It's really important to know that since I transitioned, full-time, more than 4 years ago, I have been treated with complete respect and great acceptance both personally and professionally,' she wrote on a 2016 GoFundMe page raising money for a new car.


Nevertheless, I would prefer to be represented by another lawyer -- all other things being equal.

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