Friday, April 5, 2024

The village held hostage by feral teenage girls: Hundreds of terrified neighbours too afraid to leave their homes hold emergency meeting as their sleepy area turns lawless - with packs of cannabis-smoking youths fighting, looting shops and attacking staff

Hundreds of neighbours left terrified by lawless teenagers running riot in their sleepy Sussex village held an emergency meeting to address the growing crimewave.

Villagers in Barnham, West Sussex, say they are scared to leave their homes after shocking footage emerged on social media of a group of teenage girls assaulting an emergency worker after sparking a huge brawl at the station.

Within 48 hours, a second clip went viral of another group of young girls appearing to loot the village's local Co-op.

The chaos sent shockwaves through the leafy coastal village - so much so, an emergency public meeting was held to address locals' fears.

It comes amid local backlash against plans for a traveller site at Little Meadow in Yapton, just over two miles from the village.

More than 200 people attended Thursday night's meeting and told councillors how they are now too afraid to leave their homes as a result of the behaviour of the cannabis-smoking gang of girls.

A shopkeeper also claimed the village is plagued with feral youth who exploit the south coast train network.

Barnham is a railway hub near Bognor Regis where train lines converge. Residents who spoke at the public meeting on Thursday night said they believe train connections make their village a soft target.


Feral teenage girls. Who knew.

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