Tuesday, April 9, 2024

The latest medicalised self-harm: amputation - UnHerd

Sensational news from late last week, that doctors amputated two fingers for a 20-year-old patient to alleviate the young man’s mental distress over being able-bodied, contained a buried clue: “He related his condition to gender dysphoria.”

It’s long been asserted by patients and doctors that the bodily dysphoria experienced by transgender people is very similar to another condition that is treated by cutting off body parts. Until recently, both conditions elicited horror, but today the gender variety is treated as heroic, while the other still evokes revulsion.

The amputee-wannabe condition was formerly known as apotemnophilia but is now called body integrity disorder (BID) or body integrity identity disorder (BIID). This condition is hugely important in our era of trans flags and nonbinary pronouns, not because a 20-year-old will live out the rest of his life with eight fingers but because it suggests another way of looking at “gender affirming care” without ideological sugarcoating.

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