Thursday, April 11, 2024

State Farm indicates where in San Diego homeowner’s policies won’t be renewed: Report – NBC 7 San Diego

State Farm, California's largest homeowner's insurance provider, has indicated where it will not be renewing policies, and hundreds and hundreds of San Diego residents will be affected, according to a document provided by the California Department of Insurance.

State Farm will discontinue coverage for 72,000 houses and apartments in California starting this summer, the insurance giant said this week, nine months after announcing it would not issue new home policies in the state. Approximately 30,000 of those are homeowner policies.

The hardest hit community in the state is in Orinda, just east of Berkeley in the Bay Area, where State Farm will not be renewing 1,703 policies in the 94563 ZIP code, which represents 55% of the city's homeowner policies. That is the highest number of nonrenewals for one ZIP code in the state. The next highest is in Los Angeles.

In San Diego, the community with the greatest amount of policies not being renewed is Rancho Santa Fe, where 600 policies, more than half written for the tony community, will not be renewed. A wide swathe of communities in San Diego, not necessarily contiguous, are affected by State Farm's decision. The table below breaks out the ZIP codes that are most affected but does not come close to covering all the affected properties.


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How vexing. Who could possibly be behind this major inconvenience?

Posted by: dearieme | Apr 11, 2024 12:09:48 PM

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