Friday, April 12, 2024

Say, Did You Hear About Hamas' Plan to Enslave the Jews? – HotAir

But these elites have apparently had enough of Hamas. They told Eldar that their leadership had succumbed to "messianic insanity" to such an extent that they had drawn up new political maps of Israel to distribute political power after the conquest. That was bad enough, but Hamas' plans for the Israelis that survived might just as well have come from the pages of Mein Kampf:

So detailed were the plans that participants in the conference began to draw up list of all the properties in Israel and appointed representatives to deal with the assets that would be seized by Hamas. "We have a registry of the numbers of Israeli apartments and institutions, educational institutions and schools, gas stations, power stations and sewage systems, and we have no choice but to get ready to manage them," Obeid told the conference.

That was merely delusional. The next steps recall some of the worst recorded evils in history:


Well that's not good. So neither malice nor stupidity, but a rich combination of both.

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