Saturday, April 6, 2024

Mandatory DEI Statements Are Ideological Pledges of Allegiance. Time to Abandon Them. | Opinion | The Harvard Crimson

On a posting for a position as an assistant professor in international and comparative education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, applicants are required to submit a CV, a cover letter, a research statement, three letters of reference, three or more writing samples, and a statement of teaching philosophy that includes a description of their “orientation toward diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.”

At Harvard and elsewhere, hiring for academic jobs increasingly requires these so-called diversity statements, which Harvard’s Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning describes as being “about your commitment to furthering EDIB within the context of institutions of higher education.”

By requiring academics to profess — and flaunt — faith in DEI, the proliferation of diversity statements poses a profound challenge to academic freedom.


Well congratulations to Professor Kennedy. So glad to see him come around. Could have done so 30 years ago, of course. Maybe it's too late now. But hey. Whatever. Like a kid sitting amidst the ruins of the house he just burned down, thinking, ah, now I see why they were always telling us not to play with matches.

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