Thursday, April 11, 2024

Idaho Governor: No, We Aren't Playing the Pronoun Game Here – HotAir

Idaho Governor Brad Little signed House Bill 538 on Monday. This means that Idaho school districts will soon have to remove any requirements that teachers use the preferred pronouns of transgender students.


The legislation enacts protections for public employees, including teachers, who are unwilling to use someone's preferred name and pronouns. Idaho Statehouse Republicans overwhelmingly supported it. 

Teachers will no longer be allowed to refer to a student by a name or pronoun that doesn't match their birth sex unless the teacher has parental consent. Teachers have the right to sue their school district if they are disciplined for refusing to use a transgender student's preferred name or pronoun. 

The governor's spokeswoman said that he “supports policies that advance free speech and parental rights.” She said the bill does both


Idaho! In the news! Again!

The key term above IMO is "unless the teacher has parental consent."

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