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Campus Reform | UC Berkeley condemns professor's dating advice to student: 'hurtful and threatening'

The University of California, Berkeley, condemned dating advice that a professor gave to a student, calling it “hurtful and threatening” to women.

According to the Daily Cal, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Professor Jonathan Shewchuk was responding to a student’s online discussion post, which asked for advice on being unable to find a date in the Bay area and expressed worries about finding a job in computer science.

Shewchuk responded, writing that the student should “get out of the Bay Area” to find a girlfriend. 

“You’ll be shocked by the stark differences in behavior of women in places where women are plentiful versus their behavior within artillery distance of San Jose and San Francisco,” wrote Shewchuk.

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Shewchuk’s post was met with immediate criticism, with the university issuing a statement saying it was offensive.

“We want to be absolutely clear that the offensive content of the original post goes against the values and Principles of Community we adhere to at UC Berkeley,” Berkeley spokesperson Roqua Montez told the Daily Cal. “The comment was hurtful and threatening to students - particularly women - in his class and beyond.”

Until recently, Shewchuk’s personal department web page indicated that he identified as a “Smith & Wesson 460XVR .45 caliber revolver” and used “death/deathem/deathself” as pronouns.

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Noemi Chulo, a junior and union representative, said she found the comments disrespectful and plans to file a grievance against him.

“Shewchuk is teaching around 700 students and he is allowed to have this impact on so many students even though he has been a known thorn in the side of EECS for years at the very least,” Chulo said. “It is disappointing, but not surprising.”



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"the stark differences in behavior of women in places where women are plentiful": a routine application of an elementary principle of Economics.

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