Thursday, April 11, 2024

Berkeley Law students flunk First Amendment 101

But the First Amendment doesn’t protect disrupting events at people’s homes — and a UC Berkeley law student should know that.

Disrupting someone else's event is antithetical to free speech, and it’s been happening way too often on college campuses — including at Stanford Law School with Judge Kyle Duncan, a "Free Speech on Campus" event at SUNY Albany, and even during a lecture about black holes.

Protesters have every right to engage in peaceful, non-disruptive protest. Here at FIRE, we proudly defend that right all the time. But they do not have the right to go onto someone else's property and take over their event.

This incident can serve as a valuable lesson. As the home of the Free Speech Movement, where students once came together to demand their First Amendment rights, UC Berkeley is the perfect place to teach it.


Something akin to chickens coming home to roost.

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