Sunday, February 25, 2024

Parents, students concerned after AI-generated nude photos circulate at middle school

An investigation is underway at a middle school in Beverly Hills involving students accused of creating and sharing AI-generated nude photos of classmates.

The incident happened last week at Beverly Vista Middle School.

In an email sent home to parents from Beverly Hills Unified School District, school and district officials said, "On Wednesday, the BVMS Administration received reports from students about the creation and dissemination by other students of Artificial Intelligence generated (AI) images that superimposed the faces of our students onto AI-generated nude bodies. As the investigation is progressing today, more victims are being identified. We are taking every measure to support those affected and to prevent any further incidents."

According to one 8th grade student, when teachers became aware of the AI-generated photos, they started contacting and interviewing victims.

"Girls [were] being called out one by one," said Evelyn Kruger, a student. "There’s always that fear, am I going to be next? Am I going to be called in? Sure, it might be animated, it might look unrealistic, but a couple of them look real."


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