Sunday, October 1, 2023

Michelle Obama, Democrats’ Savior and Nominee? Don’t Bet on It - The Messenger

In a related story, the 2024 Democratic National Convention will be held in Chicago, the Obamas' hometown. 

As for the former first lady's staying power, despite being out of the White House for more than six years, she appears to still have it: Another YouGov survey found that Michelle Obama remains the most popular woman in the country to this day. 

All of that said, it's almost impossible to see her jumping in to relieve Joe Biden and save the Democratic Party and the country from Donald Trump. Her life is quite nice right now: She and her husband have multimillion-dollar properties on the water in Martha's Vineyard and just minutes from the White House in Washington. The Obamas enjoy the celebrity side of a post-presidential existence, having signed a huge deal with Netflix and both scoring Emmy nominations, Michelle for The Light We Carry: Michelle Obama & Oprah Winfrey. Why leave that life to enter a political environment that is as ugly and divisive as it's ever been? 

And then there's the consideration of just how bad such a move to install a candidate at the 11th hour would look to the public. To discard the entire primary process to essentially appoint a candidate on the convention floor, without that nominee having to earn one vote in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina or on Super Tuesday, would be the kind of Soviet-style politics that most voters would roundly reject. 

But in the end, always follow the money. On that front, Michelle Obama was just paid nearly $750,000 for a one-hour speech on diversity and inclusion in Munich, according to a Daily Mail report. That's almost double what a U.S. president earns in an entire year. 


This sounds like famous last words to me, but what do I know. I don't know Ms. Obama's views on this issues, but I can guess. I don't think she would be worse than the other Democratic candidates would be. But she might be. I haven't seen any of that will to power one sees in Senator Warren, for example. Let us pray that she dwells on all the things she can do and places she can go with all the money she's going to be making for very little effort, and decide not to run, which, let's hope, she will remember as a god-awful experience, especially compared to her life now.

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Time to dig out her birth certificate (and those of her children). You never know.

Posted by: dearieme | Oct 1, 2023 3:50:28 PM

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