Wednesday, September 20, 2023

CEO’s Abrupt Exit Followed Complaint of Alleged Groping, Other Accounts of Misconduct - WSJ

Kiwi Camara, a Harvard Law School prodigy turned technology entrepreneur, drew attention last week when he resigned from software supplier

, walking away from stock options once valued at nearly $110 million.

Current and former employees now say he abruptly quit as chief executive after the small company’s board began investigating allegations that he groped a young female employee.

The alleged incident, at a Sept. 6 dinner with staff, triggered an investigation by outside lawyers, some of the employees said. It came more than a year after a CS Disco employee had made a formal complaint about Camara’s behavior around young female employees.

Camara, 39 years old, didn’t respond to requests for comment. 

Camara resigned on Sunday, Sept. 10, a few days after the board opened its investigation into the sexual assault allegation. Camara forfeited an award of stock options that had made him one of the highest paid CEOs of 2022. It was the latest chapter in an unusual career that began when Camara graduated at age 19 from law school.


It's probably unpopular to say, but I think this groping behavior is compulsive, in the sense that men like Camara can't really control themselves, at least not without heroic efforts. Not that this excuses them. Presumably the mental health boffins have drugs or techniques to help them, or else they can just work remotely.

I knew a securities lawyer at my Big DC Law Firm who was (I was told) sexually harassing a female associate under his supervision. He was warned repeatedly and in no uncertain terms that he should stop. He wasn't a particularly A-type personality or an aggressive guy that I noticed. Nevertheless, he persisted and was eventually fired, as I heard the story. He probably should have been working at an all-male firm.

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I don't understand: don't these pestered women have fathers, uncles, brothers, husbands, or friends who would visit the office and punch the malefactor until he promised to stop?

Posted by: dearieme | Sep 20, 2023 5:47:09 PM

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