Wednesday, June 7, 2023

"We Are Not Alone": US Has Retrieved Craft Of 'Non-Human Origin' Says Whistleblower From Govt. Task Force On UFOs | ZeroHedge

A new report from two veteran (mainstream) journalists citing a decorated whistleblower provides stunning insight into the US Government's history with UFOs.

For those who 'want to believe' - short of a UFO landing on the lawn of the White House, this is it.

For those who think the recent government UFO disclosures are one big psyop, this is it.


So either there really are aliens and we have the bodies, or this is a great big psyop by the Big Deep National Security State. I've put on my thinking cap and I put the odds at 60 percent aliens and 40 percent psyop. But tbf at moments I put the odds at 60 percent psyop and 40 percent aliens. But your mileage may vary, as we used to say. But it might be aliens and that might be really bad. But maybe not. It might be just a sham scare to get us to give up our liberties. So keep your eyes skinned and your powder dry, maties!

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If aliens visited they'd land in China not the USA. That is, they'd put their money on the rising power not the declining one.

Posted by: dearieme | Jun 7, 2023 11:07:05 AM