Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Slaying the Censorship Leviathan - Tablet Magazine

One year ago, I joined the states of Missouri and Louisiana and several other co-plaintiffs to file a suit in federal court challenging what journalist Michael Shellenberger has called the censorship-industrial complex. While much of the press cooperated with the state’s censorship efforts and has ignored our court battle, we expect that it will ultimately go to the Supreme Court, setting up Missouri v. Biden to be the most important free speech case of our generation—and arguably, of the past 50 years.

Prior government censorship cases typically involved a state actor unconstitutionally meddling with one publisher, one author, one or two books, a single article. But as we intend to prove in court, the federal government has censored hundreds of thousands of Americans, violating the law on tens of millions of occasions in the last several years. This unprecedented breach was made possible by the wholly novel reach and breadth of the new digital social media landscape.

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This is indeed the most important free speech case of our generation. I hope SCOTUS gets it right and I'm hopeful. But as in jiu-jitsu, a lot depends on whether the State/Corporate elite can set their strangle hold in time before we figure out how to defeat them. Timing is all.


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Or you can just cut to the chase and hire machine-gunners.

Posted by: dearieme | Jun 6, 2023 11:19:21 AM