Wednesday, May 24, 2023

"They're Wanting to Play God" - Christopher F. Rufo

Christopher Rufo: Do parents push back against this?

Whistleblower: Usually what happens is, at first, maybe one parent or two, they’ll be confused. They’ll be wondering why. But then when they come to the appointment, and they’re with Dr. Roberts, from what I can tell, what they show is that they’re supportive. I think they’re just scared.

Christopher Rufo: They’re scared of what?

Whistleblower: They’re scared of being reported to Child Protective Services. They’re scared that if they don’t affirm their child, that their kid is going to commit suicide and do self-harm—which is a lie. And they’re intimidated by these doctors that are on the side of their kid and have a lot of power. They could report them and then their child could be taken away from them.

Christopher Rufo: How do you feel observing this?

Whistleblower: I’m absolutely sick to my stomach. Absolutely just devastated. Literally, sometimes I have to go outside and cry, because, I don’t mean to be dramatic, but I truly feel like there is a demonic presence at my workplace. And I’m so 100 percent against this whole ideology and this movement of children just feeling like they were born in the wrong body and then being “affirmed” by adults who want to take advantage of them and make a buck. Transgender medicine is hugely lucrative. It’s like $70,000 to $80,000 dollars per kid if they go through with the whole thing—all the pharmacology drugs, all these companies that are making millions of dollars.

Christopher Rufo: Do you have colleagues who feel the same way but are just scared to speak out?

Whistleblower: I know of two at least who feel this way, but they don’t share their opinions because we’re all afraid to lose our jobs.

Christopher Rufo: There is a culture of fear surrounding these procedures at Texas Children’s Hospital?

Whistleblower: A culture of fear—yes. I think it’s unspoken. It’s an undercurrent. It’s not something that any of us would want to question or find out by questioning. I worked really hard to get to where I am. I make amazing money, and I have a great job. It’s difficult; but I would be willing to lose my job because this does matter to me. I’ve come to the point where I am just saying, “Hey, this has to stop. And if I can help our attorney general or our governor to investigate my employer and provide them with documents or proof, sign me up.”


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