Wednesday, May 17, 2023

John Durham’s Report and a Presidency in Crisis - WSJ

Because of Mr. Durham’s timing, you’re reading an expurgated version of a column that would have noted that, in any universe where news reporting hadn’t been corrupted by the need to appear anti-Trump, Mr. Biden’s would be a presidency in crisis.

Even so, the news blackout can’t conceal the suspicious details unearthed by congressional investigators about Biden family bank accounts, shell companies and transfers from shady foreign actors. It can’t conceal that Mr. Biden may owe his presidency to a de facto U.S. intelligence agency operation to bamboozle voters about his son’s laptop.

A Dixie-whistling press can’t suppress a whopping factoid: Though Mr. Biden’s likeliest opponent has been found liable for sexual assault, is under indictment for payoffs to a porn star, and soon may face various federal charges, Mr. Trump is still beating Mr. Biden in some national polls.


As they say in twitterstan, I can't even. But! DeSantis fixes this. He's boring, policy driven, and right thinking. Who knows. Maybe he's our next POTUS. But! Probably not.

This is from Holman Jenkins, one of our few reliable press persons.

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