Friday, May 26, 2023

"House of Horrors" - Christopher F. Rufo

Last year, executives at Texas Children’s Hospital promised to shut down their child sex-change program. But I’ve obtained evidence from whistleblowers proving that they restarted the program three days later—and continued to provide puberty blockers and other hormones to children as young as 11 years old.

I’ve created this short film summarizing my investigation, which has exposed, in the words of one whistleblower, a “house of horrors.”


It's hard to believe this trans- stuff directed at children is even happening. I'm not a doctor, but I'm married to an endocrinologist, and she's beyond appalled by this cruel trend that seems to have taken over a large part of pediatric care. I feel sorry for the parents (except those who are indulging a sort of Munchhausen-by-proxy). And the surgeons and others who are just cashing in -- words fail one.

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Let the tumbrils roll.

Posted by: dearieme | May 26, 2023 10:57:09 AM

Goodness me. It seems that cutting off your goolies doesn't restore you to sanity.

P.S. Who can resist the name "The Bränström study"? Wasn't there a satirical character called Professor Branestawm? Yes there was!

Posted by: dearieme | May 29, 2023 5:06:12 AM