Thursday, May 18, 2023

Greater Idaho wins 12th county in a row in eastern Oregon - the Greater Idaho movement

The Greater Idaho movement has now won elections in every county of eastern Oregon that has voted on the idea, for a total of twelve counties, according to election night results, and the movement’s proposal only includes fourteen full counties of eastern Oregon. Since the introduction of a law that allows ballots to be received after election day if they were mailed on or before election day, the final election results in favor of Greater Idaho ballot measures have always been one to four percentage points higher than the election night results, so the Greater Idaho movement feels confident that their measure has won the Wallowa County election, even though results at 2pm PT today today only showed their measure ahead with 50.3% of the vote.  Since the movement’s first election 6 election cycles ago, it had averaged 62% in favor and 38% opposed, a ratio of 1.63 to 1.


You never know.

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