Monday, May 22, 2023

Deal Is Reached to Keep Colorado River From Going Dry, for Now - The New York Times

Arizona, California and Nevada have agreed to take less water from the drought-strained Colorado River, a breakthrough agreement that, for now, keeps the river from falling so low that it would jeopardize water supplies for major Western cities like Phoenix and Los Angeles as well as for some of America’s most productive farmland.

The agreement, announced Monday, calls for the federal government to pay about $1.2 billion to irrigation districts, cities and Native American tribes in the three states if they temporarily use less water. The states have also agreed to make additional cuts beyond the ones tied to the federal payments to generate the total reductions needed to prevent the collapse of the river.

Taken together, those reductions would amount to about 13 percent of the total water use in the lower Colorado Basin — among the most aggressive ever experienced in the region, and likely to require significant water restrictions for residential and agriculture uses.


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Perhaps I've told you before: when we lived in NZ and a chum was explaining the intermittent local water shortage I said "Then you must meter water and charge a sensible price". He looked at me as if I was barking.

I profer the same advice to Western USAians. Charge a proper price and see the shortages vanish! (A bit of reservoir building would be wise too, I bet.)

Posted by: dearieme | May 23, 2023 6:08:23 AM