Thursday, May 18, 2023

Conservatives Pushing 'Common Good Capitalism' Sound Like Progressives

While I don't dismiss some of their complaints about the underperformance of the economy—specifically the hardships suffered by some workers and families—common good capitalists make the same mistakes as their counterparts on the left. They start by mistaking problems caused by government intervention for problems inherent in the free market. They end by offering up even more government interventions as supposed solutions.


Common good constitutionalism would be a great idea if it actually contributed to the common good. But it either does not, or is very unlikely to do so. Good intentions don't count. But they've got this much right: I think there is a common good, or goods. It largely consists in letting people do what they want to do without interference from the state, unless they are harming others when they do so, with harm being defined in such a way as it allows people to do things that they believe benefit them, but others will think harm them. Also, some people, including people on the right, have hair-raising ideas of what achieving the common good will allow them to do to you. I could name names, but I choose to be above that sort of thing for the moment. CGC becomes especially concerning as the technology necessary to turn us into a society of sub-human worker termites toiling to make the elites comfortable, is emerging.

BTW one thing I really appreciated about RFK Jr, whatever his flaws, was that he really gets the totalitarian threat from the Davos crowd and, in spite of his being a perhaps kooky environmentalist, how climate change is being used as a pretext for total control. The guy might be wrong about a lot of things, but he's evidently not just another crazed power-hungry psychopath, and he understands there are a lot of them out there.

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