Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Clayton Fox: Drone attacks on Moscow

After a drone attack on May 3 against the Kremlin, U.S. intelligence officials said it was likely orchestrated by a Ukrainian special military or intelligence unit. As the war seems to be expanding to include more strikes inside Russia proper, Sam Bendett, an adviser on Russian Studies at CNA, a nonprofit research organization based in Virginia, told The New York Times that Russia may be vulnerable to drone strikes because its air-defense systems are designed to counter larger threats. The latest attack comes at a pivotal moment, as the United States has agreed to start training Ukrainian pilots on the American-made F-16 fighter aircraft, indicating a potential future supply of the aircraft to the war effort, something President Biden had previously promised would not happen. 

On Monday, chief of the general staff of the Czech armed forces, Karel Řehka, told his parliament that while war between NATO and Russia would be the “worst-case scenario,” it’s not only possible, but increasingly probable. He said Russia is “on a course towards conflict with the alliance” and that “it is necessary to prepare for it in the long run.” In April, as if on cue, new NATO member and Russian border buddy Finland became the first nation to purchase the Israeli anti-missile system David’s Sling.

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Although the drone attacks are obviously justified, they do increase the risk of escalation, in particular war with NATO.


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The prospect of escalation between nuclear powers matters more to me than the minutiae of where the Russia/Ukraine border ends up.

Maybe Putin thinks he can completely conquer Ukraine? Nah, I'm giving up guessing at what the devil he thinks he's doing.

Posted by: dearieme | May 31, 2023 7:50:30 AM