Saturday, May 20, 2023

Celebrity Chef José Andrés Exempted From Gas Stove Ban in California City | NTD

A California city’s ban on natural gas stoves will not be applied to the restaurant renowned chef and restaurateur José Andrés is slated to open, officials revealed Tuesday, describing the situation as “unique” and a “one-off.”

In a statement on Tuesday, the City of Palo Alto said a settlement was reached with Simon Property Group (SPG)—the operator that owns the shopping mall where Andrés’s restaurant is anticipated to be located—after the group threatened legal action if the restaurant, dubbed Zaytinya, would be prohibited to use gas stove hook-ups.

“Due to the years-long planning effort which started in 2019, three years before the City adopted the all-electric requirement, the City and the Mall have agreed that this one project should be able to proceed with gas service consistent with the long-established project plans,” reads the statement.

“Except for this one-off situation, Palo Alto’s all-electric requirement is being implemented for all new projects and substantial remodels,” it added. “Building electrification is critical to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.”


And more to the point, Gavin Newsom and his buddies might want to eat there.

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No natural gas stoves, eh? Could you get round it by buying a propane stove?

Posted by: dearieme | May 20, 2023 11:50:34 AM