Tuesday, May 30, 2023

BRENDAN O'NEILL: A revolution against wokery on Oxford University campuses has begun  | Daily Mail Online

This evening at the Oxford Union debating society a similar scene will play out — but on a grander scale. The visit of the feminist academic Kathleen Stock to give a speech is expected to be met by up to a thousand LGBTQ protesters and their supporters.

The 51-year-old Stock has committed the great thought-crime of our times. Like J.K. Rowling, she does not believe it is possible to change sex. She does not believe ‘trans women are real women’. For holding these views, Stock has already paid with her job — she felt forced by student protests into quitting as a professor at Sussex Univesity in 2021.

And over the past weeks she has faced concerted efforts to stop her from speaking at the Oxford Union, as the university’s various student bodies have lined up to call for her to be uninvited.

Those efforts having failed, LGBTQ protesters have now set out to disrupt the event. Not only Kathleen Stock is to be intimidated. Anyone who wishes to attend her talk — irrespective of whether they agree with her — will have to run the gauntlet behind the barricades that will protect them from the activists seeking to stifle free speech.

Yet something reassuring happened last week — a glimmer that gives me hope that these campus tyrants, who have long stifled open discussion, may soon be facing their comeuppance.

A brave group of more than 100 Oxford students issued a call-to-arms by writing an open letter to the Daily Telegraph newspaper. They fear that freedom of speech is in peril.

These students are understandably outraged by how Kathleen Stock has been treated by their contemporaries. Oxford University was founded with ‘the key aim of discussing ideas which some may find challenging’, they say.

And then the killer point. ‘There is much to gain from hearing opposing views on important topics,’ claim these young dissenters from the woke ideology.

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"Oxford University was founded with ‘the key aim of discussing ideas which some may find challenging’" I doubt it but no matter. (I suspect it was founded with the key aim of being Not The Sorbonne.)

Posted by: dearieme | May 31, 2023 8:24:46 AM