Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Why is the number of Jews in elite America plummeting?

What happened? The war on merit happened. DEI happened. The drive for “equity” happened. And Jews, who have traditionally aligned with the leftists who made these things happen, did not push back.

Let’s start with college admissions. Thanks to the war on merit and the DEI movement, top Ivy League schools now have entering classes that, by small margins, are majority non-white.

Naturally, Jewish enrollment suffers from this sea-change, but that’s not the entire explanation for its decline. If Jewish representation at top Ivy League schools has fallen from, say, 20 percent to 10 percent, this outstrips the decline in white representation. Whites weren’t 100 percent of Ivy League student bodies 30 years ago.

What else is going on? Here’s one thing. Jewish applicants tend to be clustered in large metropolitan areas and these areas are prime territory for reducing white admissions. As Savage notes, elite colleges aren’t shrinking the number of athletes they admit and they still strive for geographic diversity. Thus, it’s not surprising — and not evidence of anti-Jewish animus — that Jews tend to lose out more than other whites when top colleges slash the number of whites they admit.


It would be interesting to know what percentage of those in say the 95th percentile and up in SAT scores, are Jewish. I bet it's a lot more than their representation in top colleges and universities. But "Jews, who have traditionally aligned with the leftists who mode these things happen, did not push back." Not just these particular Jews will suffer for this, but all the students they would have taught as professors, patients they would have treated as doctors, audiences they would have entertained as directors, and on and on. The harm compounds, out into the future. This is infuriating to me, frankly, and I'm not even Jewish. Perhaps schools lower in the traditional pecking order will just get better and hierarchies will adjust. I hope so.

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Ron Unz, who is himself Jewish, argues that the traditional overrepresentation of Jews among Harvard admissions is caused only partly by the disproportionate number of clever young Jews available. It's also caused partly by pro-Jewish discrimination i.e. that Jews are admitted when equally clever gentiles wouldn't be.

Suppose, for the sake of argument, that he's right. How does it affect what's happening now?

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