Saturday, March 18, 2023

Silicon Valley and Capitol Hill Build an Anti-China Alliance - WSJ

A group of Silicon Valley executives, including investor Peter Thiel, and Washington lawmakers are quietly mobilizing against China’s involvement in the U.S. tech industry ahead of TikTok Chief Executive Shou Zi Chew’s Capitol Hill testimony next week.

They plan to meet for a private dinner on Wednesday to discuss China, national security and the intensifying competition between the tech sectors of the U.S. and China. Mr. Chew is scheduled to testify the following day.


Not surprising to see Peter Thiel leading the way on this. TikTok is indeed a threat, but Palantir seems to want to rule us instead of the CCP. Google is putting its oar in as well, probably for similar reasons. It's like the scene at the beginning of the Exorcist -- "Evil against evil."

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