Monday, March 13, 2023

Giant seaweed blob twice the width of the US takes aim at Florida | The Hill

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Marine scientists are tracking a 5,000-mile-wide seaweed bloom that is so large, it can be seen from space.

These sargassum blooms are nothing new, but scientists say this one could be the largest in history. At last check, it was heading toward Florida’s Gulf coast.

The thick mat of algae drifts between the Atlantic coast of Africa and the Gulf of Mexico, providing habitat for marine life and absorbing carbon dioxide, but it can also wreak havoc when when it gets closer to shore. It blocks light from reaching coral and negatively impacts air and water quality as it decomposes.


This the problem with Florida -- not the people, but the nature.

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I never read on once I encounter "negatively impacts". Why read an illiterate with bad taste?

Posted by: dearieme | Mar 13, 2023 7:49:55 AM

Yes, that is a problem so - STAY AWAY from Florida! We're all gonna' die!
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Posted by: Sandy | Mar 13, 2023 8:46:08 AM

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