Saturday, March 18, 2023

DeSantis vs. ‘Faucian Dystopia’ - WSJ

Looking back it’s hard to believe how many media and political players bought the idea that one could shutter much of society and then try to simulate prosperity with trillions in government spending and money creation at the Federal Reserve—and then expect a positive result. Of course Joe Biden and the Fed inflamed the problem by continuing the binge of spending and money creation long after the economy had begun to rebound. This led to inflation and now to banking tumult from higher interest rates as the Fed finally started to tighten monetary policy,

But even though anyone can now recognize how bad the outcomes were for the country when policy makers listened to Dr. Fauci and experts in public health, which is a failed discipline, one could argue that Faucian economics continues.


I was not a lockdown skeptic from the very beginning, but I was from early on.

I really wonder sometimes whether it's worth spending so much time trying to figure out what is going on in the world and to try to see through all the hype and lies. But I can't help it, even if I don't like what I see. I did see the pandemic coming early, as much as month before everyone else. This gave me time to get stocked up on food, water, weapons, etc. This was when then credible sources, such as the Los Alamos laboratory, were projecting a death rate of 5 percent from Covid, and an R naught of 3 or 4. Which would have been utterly catastrophic. As it turned out, it was closer to 1 percent. As it gradually dawned on me that the virus was far less deadly than I thought it would be, the idiocy of lockdown became increasingly obvious. Yet all authorities blithely proclaimed that Science said we had to stay indoors, avoid our relatives, and all the other misinformed, and even deliberately deceptive and self-serving (e.g., the teachers' unions, fed funded virologists) claptrap.

Something profound has changed, and I'm not the only one who feels it.

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"Covid’s IFR in 2020 Was Less Than 0.1% for Those Under 70" where IFR = infection fatality rate.

Posted by: dearieme | Mar 18, 2023 12:37:20 PM

Credibility, once squandered, is nigh impossible to resurrect. But the True Believers persist...

Posted by: jmod46 | Mar 18, 2023 5:02:40 PM

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