Wednesday, February 1, 2023

DeSantis Takes Wrecking Ball To “Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion” Bureaucracy In Florida Public Universities

But in the meantime, as we previously reported, DeSantis has required Florida public higher education institutions to provide data on the funds and programming supporting DEI.

So, the ACLU filed a motion claiming the state request for data violated the court’s prior injunction….

The Court in a short form order quickly found there was no violation of the injunction…

The request for information did not require the institutions to do anything more than report information, though it seems obvious that DeSantis is likely to gut the DEI bureaucracies, which would seem a way to achieve part of what The Stop Woke Act was intended to do. Terminating administrative positions, or cutting funding, would not implicate — or at least not directly — the First Amendment concerns that applied to what faculty could teach.


These developments in Florida are obviously significant and bear following closely. It seems likely there will be a split in how education evolves in at least two different sections of the country.

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In one section it will evolve and in the other it will continue to deteriorate, for a while, and then Hubris will meet Nemesis and the popcorn will be delicious!

Posted by: SchmuelNachman | Feb 2, 2023 5:15:19 PM

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