Thursday, November 17, 2022

Judge Ho Boycotts Yale. Yale Boycotts U.S. News Rankings.

Yale Law School is withdrawing from the rankings compiled by the U.S. News World Report. The rationale? The rankings are biased against the progressive institution!

"The U.S. News rankings are profoundly flawed," Yale Law School Dean Heather Gerken said. "Its approach not only fails to advance the legal profession, but stands squarely in the way of progress."

Specifically, she said, the rankings devalue programs that encourage low-paying public-interest jobs and reward schools that dangle scholarships for high LSAT scores, rather than for financial need.

I would add one other possible rationale. This decision was made in the shadow of Students for Fair Admission v. Harvard. The Supreme Court will very soon make it difficult for elite private universities to use racial preferences for admission. Post-SFFA, the law school could no longer justify wide gaps between admission rates for applicants of different races. They can no longer rely on "personal" scores and other subterfuges. As a result, if Yale wants to keep its racial diversity numbers high, the overall LSAT and GPA scores would have to drop. And that decrease would affect the law school's rankings.


Harvard LS is also pulling out. The era of US News dominance is coming to a close it seems, for mostly the wrong reasons. This is probably a good thing for the law school of my small and formerly cute university, which is shortly to experience a big drop in its citation count, unless some way is figured out to game that seemingly objective-ish measure.

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I'm sure Dean Gherkin is cool as a cucumber but how will she choose between black students and capable ones? Is there some way of procrastinating in hopes that the wokeness rhetoricians start anathematising something else?

Posted by: dearieme | Nov 17, 2022 9:36:52 AM

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