Thursday, September 8, 2022

Despite Wind at Its Back, America's Dominant Abortion Provider Faces a Struggle to Adapt | RealClearInvestigations

The sense that Planned Parenthood's fortunes are on the upswing is palpable, given the liberal backlash against the Roe ruling -- among women especially -- blowback evident in recent off-year voting and opinion polling. OpenSecrets says the organization reported a 4,000% increase in donations just after the decision, and half of the donations were from new donors. It is planning on spending $50 million on elections this fall, an unprecedented amount for a midterm cycle. 

But close observers of the abortion debate say there’s limited potential for the organization to embrace a broader role – for example, in dispensing abortion drugs over providing surgical abortions. Its shift in that direction had been under way long before the Supreme Court ruling, but it faces competitive challenges, since abortion drugs are widely available over the Internet, and new risks, since the drugs more easily evade regulatory scrutiny.

Another controversial growth option in Planned Parenthood’s future is far afield from pregnancy: distributing hormones used by children and others to change their gender. CEO Johnson has said that providing “gender-affirming care” is one of the services that “is going to become even more important.” But that option carries big risks, complications, and uncertainties too.


Not enough attention is paid to the commercial interests behind abortion and "gender-affirming" medical care. Pritzker money and various special interest surgical groups, not to mention Pharma companies, support transgenderism partly for ideological reasons (Pritzker) but also for commercial reasons (billions for surgery and drugs). So you may think you're fighting principalities and powers, but you're also fighting classical Mancur Olson type special interests. Only instead of putting ethanol in your gas tank, they want to mutilate your kids' minds and bodies. But they're only mostly trying to make a buck. It's not personal.

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