Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Why Pelosi’s Taiwan visit is so dangerous - Asia Times

The Biden administration’s repeated statements that Pelosi is acting on her own only make matters worse.

In an August 2 interview, Professor Wang Wen of Renmin University was asked by the “Observer” website to comment on the Biden administration’s attempt to distance itself from Pelosi. The news site asked, “Is this [policy] actually stupid, or is the US pretending to be stupid?”

Wen replied: “The United States is acting stupid, but it actually is stupid. This business of pretending to be stupid means they clearly understand China’s fundamental interest and red line on the Taiwan issue, but nonetheless, they have stepped on it repeatedly.”


This is David Goldman. Don't forget he got the call wrong on Putin's intentions. But a lot of people did. (But not my son Luke, who lives in Kyiv (but is now in Vilnius) and is married to a Ukrainian woman.) Goldman also has business interests in the PRC, if I understand correctly. All that said, he's well worth reading. Not sure what he thinks about the origins of Covid, which is really a tell.

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The origins of Covid are, as yet, unclear though my money is on a virus escape from a Wuhan lab.

More revealing, I suggest, is attitude to (i) lockdowns & school closures, and (ii) masks.

You have to be a bloody fool, an ignoramus, or a crook to support either of those two.

Posted by: dearieme | Aug 3, 2022 2:15:43 PM

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