Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The Master Key to the Senate - The American Conservative

Monday’s message from what looks like a hotel elevator bay is primary Masters through and through. “I'm declaring war on Joe Biden's dysfunctional affirmative action regime,” he tweeted with the video. “I don’t care if every single employee at the Fed is a black lesbian,” he said, “as long as they’re hired for their competence and not because of what they look like or who they sleep with. News for Joe Biden, we are done with this affirmative action regime.” So far, safe enough, but then, the consultant heart attack: “I can’t think of a single policy since the end of Jim Crow that’s been worse or more divisive for race relations in this country. Race quotas are wrong. Gender quotas are wrong. They’re unjust. They’re illegal. But the Democrats are addicted to this kind of identity politics garbage.” 


Well, he won't be getting an academic job if he talks like that.

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Right on! Righttt on! Right onnn!

Posted by: STU | Aug 31, 2022 1:54:45 PM