Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Regime Raid on Trump an Outrage

Why would Democrats make such a dumb tactical mistake? Was it self-indulgent stupidity? An attorney general and FBI director who are deranged and care nothing about the reputations of the institutions they lead? Or was it more calculating and sinister: a move to ensure Trump is the Republican nominee in 2024 instead of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in the hope that Trump would run such a bitter and self-referential campaign that the Democrats might just somehow hold power?

Whatever the motive and plan, voters must now decide whether they are comfortable with the Left being in charge of the leviathan that the national security establishment has become, or whether it is time to reduce the power of that leviathan and attempt to depoliticize it. After today, that means removing the FBI from investigating any alleged political corruption or possibly doing away with the agency. The other components of the failure factory, such as a military that cannot win wars and an intelligence bureaucracy that gets most things wrong but excels in domestic political warfare, should similarly be cut significantly or eliminated.

There has been much talk lately about attacks on democracy and attempts to undermine the expressed wishes of voters. After today, a much larger part of the country now energetically supports that contention.

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This really seems like a face-palm moment to me. I suppose the FBI could have picked up some overdue library books at PDT's bedside while they were at it. It just seems utterly disproportionate, even if PDT is technically in violation of the Presidential Records Act. This does indeed seem like an attempt to disqualify him from running for reelection, a purely political motive. But who knows. Perhaps more will be revealed.

[Turns out violating the PRA would not disqualify Trump. See U.S. Constitution, as explained by Prof. Turley.]


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