Thursday, August 4, 2022

Rand Paul On Rising: Fauci Is A LIAR, Scientists CONDEMN Wuhan Gain-Of-Function Research


Rand Paul makes his pitch for the plausible suggestion that we not spend tax payer money monkeying about with deadly pathogens to see if we can make them even more transmissible and therefore even more deadly deadly. True, it means fewer peer-reviewed papers will be published. There will be less federal money to be Administered. Our Chinese friends may get less dual-purpose goodies out of it. But on the up side, we might then be able to avoid global pandemics that end up killing 6 million innocents and wrecking, quite possibly beyond repair, the economy of the world. A close call, I know. But I believe our governators have the patience, the diligence and above all, the wisdom to make it. Ah, just kiddin'. But I'm glad Senator Paul is asking.

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