Friday, August 12, 2022

Of Course, the D.C. Zoo Has Its Own Police Force. (So Does the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.) - WSJ

“Folks,” the officer warned, gesturing to a painted sidewalk, “you might want to stay clear of the gray concrete.”

The subject of interest—a sometimes moody resident known as Bonnie—squatted. A long, steady stream sprayed onto the sidewalk 50 feet below. The crowd squealed upon realizing that Bonnie, an orangutan at the National Zoo, was peeing.

“That looked intentional,” the patrolman said. Could she be arrested? “No statute for that one,” he deadpanned.

It was a typical summer day for Sgt. Gaskins of the National Zoological Park Police, a 123-year-old law-enforcement agency that is a rare breed: a fully armed police department run by a zoo, complete with a fleet of squad cars, an armory and a jail cell.



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