Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Joe Biden's ‘semi-fascism’ comments are shameful - spiked

Later this week, Biden is expected to continue talking up the ‘semi-fascist’ threat to American democracy. In a widely trailed speech, he characterises the upcoming Midterms as a ‘battle for the soul of the nation’. It is blindingly obvious what he is doing here. He is trying to position the Democrats as all that stands between America and fascism. A tactic that turns voting in the Midterms from an important but mundane political act into a hyper-moralised choice between Good and Evil, between liberal democracy and fascist tyranny.

It is almost enough to make one forget that there are actual issues at stake. Which is partly the point. Dismissing the challenge to the Democrats as fascist, or even just semi-fascist, removes the need for Biden and Co to defend their actual policies, not to mention the incumbent president’s wretched record in office.


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