Saturday, July 9, 2022

"He was treating them like peasants": DeSantis hits back at Gavin Newsom – HotAir

I repeat what I said a week ago. DeSantis vs. Newsom is the only plausible 2024 match-up that wouldn’t be soul-crushing on one or both sides. It would be high-energy, enjoyably nasty, and a true battle of ideologues after two cycles of mushy Democratic nominees. Populist post-Trump conservatism versus balls-out progressivism, the culture war to end all culture wars.

DeSantis would win. If you believe the country is on the wrong track, as practically everyone does, and yearn for a return to optimism, a match-up between a governor whose state is famously growing in population and a governor whose state is famously losing it is not a good match-up for the left. That’s their political problem in a nutshell, in fact, an unshakable sense of decline. Their leaders are freakishly old and key parts of the coalition that was supposed to secure them a permanent majority are peeling off.

Imagine a de facto national referendum on whether you’d like America to be more like Florida or more like California. Republicans might win the popular vote for the first time in 20 years.


Nice thought; will never happen.

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Republicans always win the popular vote count until the thugocrats put their paws into the cookie jar. Time for some ( or a lot of ) retribution!

Posted by: STU | Jul 10, 2022 8:49:49 AM

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