Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The Liberals Who Won’t Acknowledge the Crime Problem

Washington, like many big American cities, had been enjoying a couple of decades in which rates of homicide and other violent offenses dropped steeply and then stayed low. Crime obviously still happened, but at least it wasn’t getting worse. Human beings tend to experience change in relative rather than absolute terms. They can make comparisons accordingly, assessing the way things are versus the way they were recently. And right now, the comparisons aren’t flattering. Yet in certain circles on the left, an orthodoxy has taken hold: To complain about ostensibly minor crime and other urban disorder, when so many people endure much worse, is to flaunt your privilege—which some readers may say I am doing right now. But off of Twitter, many left-leaning urbanites will acknowledge that, say, being assaulted by a stranger on the street is actually bad. Despite their efforts to resist the temptations of wrongthink, otherwise liberal Americans are being redpilled.

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