Thursday, June 23, 2022

Texas scientist John Spor rescued from Ukraine - CBS DFW

According to Project DYNAMO, Spor's sister contacted the U.S. State Department, Senator Ted Cruz and U.S. Congressman Randy Weber to request emergency evacuation assistance for her brother.  

They recommended the non-profit, an American, veteran-run, donor-funded, rescue organization specializing in challenging exfiltration missions from hostile regions around the world. It took more than a month to rescue Spor. 

"Project DYNAMO has been with our family every step of the way through this nightmare. DYNAMO has been the answer to our family's prayers," said Lauri Weigle, Spor's sister. "We are in amazement that he is finally on his way to us and safe after months of hoping and praying."  

Co-founder of Project DYNAMO, Bryan Stern, a highly decorated U.S. military officer, moved Spor through Russian territory, crossing more than 30 Russian checkpoints and into Ukraine. Stern employed a series of complex tactics and techniques, honed over many years of government service, to mask Spor, his location, and his movement from Russian security services. Project DYNAMO was able to rescue Spor via Kherson and through Mykolaiv and he is now enroute to a neighboring country where is family is eagerly waiting.


Another good reason to be from Texas.

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