Sunday, June 5, 2022

Duke's former Coach K asks: "Like, you need an automatic weapon? It's disgusting." – HotAir

The latest member of the world of sports to weigh in on gun control and mass shootings is former Duke University basketball coach, Mike Krzyzewski. The legendary Coach K is now retired and that move seems to have freed him up on delivering some hot takes during interviews, like the one he recently gave during a SiriusXM Town Hall.


Well this figures. The coach of the university based on tobacco money's semi-pro NBA D-league team wants to take the guns from the people who could never in the world afford to send their kids to this apparent university. Of course, there's a one in several hundred million chance that their child will be an NBA draft choice. In which case, good on 'em. But even so, please STFU about guns, Oh Coach of Future NBA Stars, unless you have something semi-intelligent to say other than your little virtue belches.

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