Saturday, March 26, 2022

The Western Reinvented. Again.

Australian author Greg Matthews’s 1993 novel, Power In The Blood, tells the story of three siblings in the American Old West, at least one of whom is a homicidal psychopath. For my money, it’s a much more daring piece of fiction than The Sisters Brothers. (Matthews’s 1985 novel, The Heart of the Country, may be even better.) Douglas C. Jones’s 1979 novel, Winding Stair, is an excellent fictional account of the Rufus Buck Gang’s brief reign of terror—much better, in fact, than the recent film The Harder They Fall, which stars Idris Elba as a “re-imagined” (that is, wholly fictionalized) Rufus Buck. And Jones’s 1991 novel, The Search for Temperance Moon, is an equally skillful fictionalized account of the murder of Belle Starr.


This is what I love. A whole bunch of Westerns I've never heard of and which I reckin I can get on Kindle. Hee haw. Good movie review as well. I watched Power of the Dog for ten minutes but found it boring. Maybe I'll give it another try. My attention span ain't what it used to be, pardner.

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