Friday, January 14, 2022

Univ. of North Dakota leader defends gender inclusion' plan | AP News

University President Andrew Armacost’s livestreamed presentation came after widespread criticism from state lawmakers, North Dakota’s two Roman Catholic bishops and Grand Forks Mayor Brandon Bochenski, who said in a Facebook post that the gender inclusion policy proposal “spits in the face of everything we believe in” and called it a “sad day for my alma mater.” The proposal would require, among other things, the use of a transgender person’s preferred pronouns and allow people to use facilities that align with their gender identity.


The bathrooms at our small and formerly cute university recently went gender-inclusive, meaning both men and women can use either bathroom, I guess. As a gentleman of a certain age, I find it challenging enough to, let's say, stand there and get a stream going, without having a woman standing next to me. But that hasn't happened yet, and I don't frankly see how it could, but I'm not an expert on this confusing stuff. I don't think I'd like a woman in the stall behind me either. But so far it just seems "performative," as they say. It's one more reason to work at home. But younger persons may not mind it, I suppose. Bless their hearts.

Ah, yes, this must be one of the differences between Contemporary Catholic (TM), which we are, and regular Catholic, institutions. Does Notre Dame have gender-inclusive bathrooms? Catholic U.? I don't know and please no one tell me.

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I'm so old that I can remember when an Engineering Department found that it was admitting so many girls that it had to have a bigger loo devoted to their use. So they were given the loo formerly used by technical staff, who thereafter had to share the academic staff loo. It was the technicians who complained not the academics.

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