Thursday, January 13, 2022

NEA urged social media giants to fight anti-CRT 'propaganda' stoking 'violent' 'radicalized' parents | Fox News

Shortly after the National School Boards Association (NSBA) sent an infamous letter to the White House comparing concerned parents to domestic terrorists and inspiring a Department of Justice memo, the National Education Association (NEA) sent a similar letter to social media companies, urging them to stifle "propaganda" about critical race theory which had supposedly stoked "a small but violent group of radicalized parents."

Following recent revelations that the White House actually helped draft the NSBA letter and claims that Education Secretary Miguel Cardona solicited the letter (a claim a Department of Education spokesperson has denied), critics have suggested that the NEA letter represents yet more coordination between government and interest groups to silence parents.

"This looks like a concerted effort between the federal government and outside groups like the NEA and NSBA to interfere with the First Amendment rights of parents," Ian Prior, father and executive director at Fight for Schools, told Fox News Digital on Wednesday. Noting the claims about the White House and Cardona, he said that "it doesn't stretch the imagination to believe that the federal government was also involved in the NEA letter."


This does look like collusion between the NEA and the Feds to suppress free speech by critics of CRT, which would violate the First Amendment, right? One of the reasons I would support DeSantis is that the GOP needs a candidate who is able to articulate the somewhat (but only somewhat) complicated story of why this is -- how this is the government, under pressure from the NEA, making private companies (twitter, youtube, facebook) do its bidding. I don't trust Trump to be able to articulate this story and it's important.

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