Thursday, January 13, 2022

If The Republican Party Refuses To Learn, Winning In 2022 Means Nothing

What McCarthy is espousing as top policy priorities are the rote, daily business Republicans should be engaging in when running the country, not the bold, visionary agenda of a party that understands and acknowledges the forces that now threaten its voters, and that is prepared to do battle on their behalf.

In other words, Republicans need to present an actually compelling policy vision — one in which the party is prepared to deliver tangible policy relief to conservative voters who are beleaguered by a host of new threats, ranging from the large and impersonal forces of deindustrialization and globalization to the intensely local damage inflicted on families by the petty corporate tyranny of public health czars.


National conservative Rachel Bovard. Not sure what the "large and impersonal forces of deindustrialization and globalization," are, however. Probably just protectionism for obsolescent industries in the Rustbelt. I'm not sure I'm down with that.

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