Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Hollywood's New Rules - Common Sense

Of course, Hollywood, like many industries, does have a clubiness about it. And pretty much everyone on the inside insists it should open up to those who had, for decades, been kept out. But the heavy-handed mandates, the databases, the shifting culture—in which pretty much all white men were assumed to have gotten their jobs because they had the right tennis buddies or ZIP code or skin color—raised the possibility of a new kind of clubiness. When asked whether ARRAY Crew was just replacing one kind of exclusion with another, Tobler sidestepped the question, saying the organization had sought to “amplify underrepresented professionals.”

But the result has not just been a demographic change. It has been an ideological and cultural transformation. We spoke to more than 25 writers, directors, and producers—all of whom identify as liberal, and all of whom described a pervasive fear of running afoul of the new dogma. This was the case not just among the high command at companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, but at every level of production.

How to survive the revolution? By becoming its most ardent supporter. “Best way to defend yourself against the woke is to out-woke everyone, including the woke,” one writer said. Suddenly, every conversation with every agent or head of content started with: Is anyone BIPOC attached to this? 


Probably Hollywood will just get absorbed into a much broader world of online (that antiquated word) entertainment. I doubt it will counter-reform itself. You've got Ben Shapiro in Nashville (though does he live in Florida now?) making movies. Lots of people will follow. Hollywood will probably end up making movies for China.

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I had an aunt whom I visited decades ago; her father had been a Hollywood actor. She lived in an attractive old Art Deco house. Would that have been in Hollywood or some other suburb nearby? All advice gratefully received.

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