Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Biden's disgraceful lies on filibuster, Dems' power grab over US voting laws

In a disgraceful performance Tuesday, President Joe Biden went down to Georgia to offer a disgraceful pack of lies about the filibuster and Democrats’ so-called “voting rights” bills.

The filibuster rules basically let 41 senators block most legislation. Perhaps Biden’s most clever fib was claiming he only wants a one-time exception to the rule for the bills, which aim to (unconstitutionally) federalize voting rules.

That’s utter bull: Once Democrats carve out an exception for something they claim is of utmost importance, they’ll do it again for another “necessary” law, and Republicans will proceed to do the same for their top priority — say, a bill to federalize abortion law.

What could be more important than protecting life? they’d ask: It’s right at the start of the Declaration of Independence!

The whole point of the filibuster is to prevent temporary, thin congressional majorities (and they don’t get much thinner than what Dems have right now) from ramming through laws that don’t have serious, long-lasting public support.

And the general public isn’t remotely clamoring for these bills; only lefty Democrats insist on them. Yet to appease the left, Biden feels compelled to push for killing the filibuster — something he defended throughout his own Senate career: As recently as 2005, he praised the filibuster as being about “compromise and moderation” and denounced GOP efforts to force an “exception” as a “power grab by the majority party.”


Lots of harsh words from the Republicanos this morning in response to the Prez's not very nice speech. I see the signs of a left-wing WH staff behind old Joe. What else explains his lurch to the left? Surely not his falling popularity. This stuff is not making him more popular.

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Joe just a serial lurcher, he has no idea which way he is lurching, from lurch to lurch.

Posted by: Stu Buchalter | Jan 12, 2022 4:25:02 PM

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