Friday, November 19, 2021

Woke witch hunt: Students demand firing of University of Illinois law professor over things he didn't say – HotAir

Like all of these stories of woke excess, this one really leaves you shaking your head at the university officials and administrators who insist on taking this nonsense seriously. This particular case took place at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s law school where Jason Kilborn is a professor. Last December Kilborn put a question on one of his exams which read as follows:

After she was fired from her job, Plaintiff sued Employer under federal civil rights law, claiming employment discrimination on the basis of her race and gender. Employer also revealed that one of Plaintiff’s former managers might have damaging information about the case, but no one at Employer knew where that former manager was, since she had abruptly quit her job at Employer several months ago and had not been heard from since. With nothing to go on but the manager’s name, Employer’s lawyer pieced together several scraps of information and concluded that this former manager must be located in a remote area of northern Wisconsin. Employer’s lawyer spent $25,000 to hire a private investigator, who successfully located the former manager in northern Wisconsin. Employer’s lawyer traveled to meet the manager, who stated that she quit her job at Employer after she attended a meeting in which other managers expressed their anger at Plaintiff, calling her a “n____” and “b____” (profane expressions for African Americans and women) and vowed to get rid of her.

There’s a bit more but this is the exact wording of the question as it appeared on the test. The offensive words were not spelled out and were only reference by a single letter. But students from the Black Students Law Association (BSLA) complained that some students had been shocked by this “inexcusable” language on an exam. One student told the BLSA she was “completely flustered” by the question and another claimed she experienced “heart palpitations.” If you read the letter, you’ll see the BLSA itself referred extensively to the “n-word” which is essentially the same approach that Prof. Kilborn took on his test question.


Good grief. I suppose we just shouldn't teach civil rights law. This is insane.

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The logical response is to expel the complainers on the grounds that they lack the maturity to deal with university-level work.

Posted by: dearieme | Nov 19, 2021 8:54:30 AM

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